What is Pirichain?

Piri Blockchain, or Pirichain, is built on a delegation-based proof-of-stake consensus algorithm (dPoS). In Pirichain, different methods are also included rather than the classical methods used in blockchains. As its name is known, it was inspired by the famous Turkish traveler, Sailor Piri Reis.
Pirichain's biggest innovations besides the standard transactions available on blockchains; adding special data into transactions and creating smart scenarios based on addresses.
Pirichain Smart Scenario System consists of address infrastructure, not token infrastructure like Ethereum's Smart Contracts. Thus, the addresses of smart scenarios are directly individuals or institutions. In the address-based system, it is not possible to engage in undesirable situations such as forgery/fraud. Smart scenarios, such as SQL language; It has the roles of querying the information in the block network, making transactions, running a trigger or sending data / assets to another smart scenario. Thus, in addition to being fully compatible with the Web 3.0 concept, it also provides an infrastructure to create an information ecosystem built on blockchain technology, which is very rare in the world.
Pirichain was prepared and published as a master's thesis under the Department of Computer Engineering at Konya Technical University (August 2022). Its application was developed in parallel with the thesis.✒Pirichain Master Thesis​