🛤️Pirichain Infrastructure

As seen in the system in Figure 1.1, end users and companies send requests to the server side. The system first puts it in a queue, the processing queue processes the incoming request and sends it to the nodes. After processing by the nodes, the result is sent back to the servers. In these transactions, each request and registration transaction is queued by queuing (FIFO).

Each block generation period is 10 seconds. And a result related to that transaction is expected from the node within a maximum of 30 seconds. When we test it practically; It takes approximately 150-400 milliseconds for a transaction to be sent from the server to the nodes and returned to the server side. In case of too much traffic in the system, different results are obtained depending on the hardware configuration of the node and internet speed.

OSCPUMemoryNetworkAvg. Response Time

Windows 10



~ 10mbps

~ 8000 ms

Ubuntu 20.4



~ 10mbps

~ 5200 ms

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