👥PIRI Tokenomics

Pirichain Coin Distribution

Total PIRI Supply


Piri Coin Commissions

On Each Transfer

0.1 PIRI

Added to the PIRI Block network on each character

0.0005 PIRI

It aims to provide an indispensable Blockchain-based service (Blockchain as a Service) in the market.

The total PIRI supply to be available in the free market has been determined as 3,000,000,000 units. 10% of this quantity, equivalent to 300,000,000 PIRI, has been allocated for private sales. Following these sales, the generated funds will be directly transferred to liquidity accounts to support the project and market price. 5% of the total supply, amounting to 150,000,000 PIRI, is designated for market expenditures. These expenditures encompass exchanges, advertising firms, as well as social and print media publishers.

6% of the total supply, corresponding to 180,000,000 PIRI, constitutes the "Reserved Funds" representing funds allocated for company investors. 10% of the total supply, totaling 300,000,000 PIRI, is reserved for the core team. The distribution of these funds is planned for the second quarter of 2025, with the possibility of being brought forward based on the previous year's determination.

9% of the total supply, amounting to 270,000,000 PIRI, is allocated for the Pirichain Community. Comprising PVM (Pirichain Virtual Machine) Developers, Piri Smart Scenarios Developers, Pirichain Web3.0 Developers, and other Pirichain Software Developers, the community's distributions will occur systematically and fairly according to the merit-based rule.

The remaining 60% of the total supply, equivalent to 1,800,000,000 PIRI, is reserved for common sales and can be procured from exchanges. Information about the extent of the reserve opened prior to listings will be announced through all Pirichain social media channels and the official website.

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