🩺 A Scenario on Health

The relationship diagram established between the Patient-Doctor-Hospital-Pharmacy-Health Insurance Company and the Ministry of Health is shown in Figure 2.5.

As seen in Figure 1.13, each unit is directly or indirectly interconnected with the other unit. Every connection is made with addresses. Data is transmitted to each unit in encrypted form. Every data transfer in the system is stored by the nodes. If desired, nodes can be established both on the ministry side and hospitals.

After each data and transaction sent in the scenarios, it may be sent to the 2nd or more scenarios. This allows a chained group of transactions to run with a single transaction. From another point of view, every smart scenario written in the system; In fact, it has a structure that can act as a trigger and provide connections like graph structures, and can change state according to the condition, similar to a finite state machine.

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