Pirichain Projected Roadmap

(Pirichain Roadmap)
2022 August
Pirichain Beta Release - System Testing ends and beta launches.
2022 September - October
Private Sales & Seed Rounds - Private sales and investment tours will be started through
2022 November - December
Service to Commercial, Private Institutions Introducing - The Pirichain “Database Bridge” application and WEB-API for uploading pirichain data to the international market
2023 May - December
PIRI Listing Application to Global Exchanges For listing PIRI - Coins on crypto exchanges with high volume ratios around the world start of applications
2024 June -September
Stable Coins to PIRI Network - (USDT, USDC, etc.) Applications of stablecoins integrated into Pirichain block network and infrastructure work.
2024 August - December
Firm-Specific Data Ecosystem - Creation of firm-specific blockchain networks that will be integrated and synchronized with the Piri blockchain, whether public or private sector companies, and the introduction of multichain.
2024 September
IoT and IomT Integrations - Establishing the necessary infrastructure for devices working in the internet of things to use the PIRI block network
2024 December
Information Ecosystem in the Global Market in All Languages - To transform the data ecosystem formed by the data records of companies into an information ecosystem for Pirichain smart scenarios. To serve all companies globally in this infrastructure.
2025 January - July
Encouraging of Pirichain Integration with Artificial Intelligence Fields - Companies to use Pirichain infrastructure as the data warehouse of the system in order to support and serve artificial intelligence studies.
2026 …
Being in the Top 3 Global Brands in the Information Ecosystem and Baas (Blockchain as a Service) Technology.