1.4. Creation of Pirichain Transaction

The transaction record created in Pirichain is shown in the flow diagram in Figure 1.5
Figure 1.4: Creating the Transaction.
To give the summary value of the relevant transaction as shown in Figure 1.4; The above fields are subjected to the SHA256 algorithm and the identity information of that transaction record is created. The most important property here is the timestamp. Repetition is impossible in timestamps, although other fields are repeatable. The CustomData[] field is optional.
Figure 1.5 shows the post-data exchange operations between the server and the node.
Figure 1.5: Data flow diagram between server-node
The relationship between node-node is shown in Figure 1.6. As can be seen, the system; It both wants to verify all transactions from the servers and also requests the result of the transaction record sent to all nodes.
Figure 1.6: Control and data flow diagram between node and node