6. Pirichain Reward Distribution

Working according to the dPoS reward distribution center, Pirichain is eligible to receive rewards when representatives freeze at least 1 million PIRI coins from delegates. The reward per block is 10 PIRI. The first 7 representatives with the most coins frozen will receive a prize. Delegates are given daily prizes.

Block Opening Reward

20% of the daily total block gain is burned. 20% of the remaining prize is given to the representatives. The remainder is distributed to the delegates, taking into account the following formula.

Deputy (Representer) Reward

WcNumber of Produced BlocksWc=6×60×24×8640KiReward on each block (10 PIRI)Daily Rewardn=1WcKn×Q×16100W_c \Rightarrow Number\ of\ Produced\ Blocks \\ \\ W_c = 6\times 60 \times 24 \times \Rightarrow 8640 \\ \\ K_i \Rightarrow Reward\ on\ each\ block\ (10\ PIRI) \\ \\ Daily\ Reward \Rightarrow \sum_{n= 1}^{W_c}\frac{K_n\times Q\times 16}{100}

Delegation Reward

Delegation Max (Daily)=1365×11000×Frozen AmountDaily Total Max Reward=Wc×1086.400 PIRIDelegation Daily Reward=Ki×Q×0.647Delegation\ Max\ (Daily)=\frac{1}{365}\times\frac{1}{1000}\times Frozen\ Amount\\ Daily\ Total\ Max\ Reward = W_{c} \times 10 \Rightarrow 86.400\ PIRI\\ Delegation\ Daily\ Reward= \frac{K_{i} \times Q \times 0.64}{7}\\
f(x)={DelegationMaxDaily,DelegationMaxDaily<DelegationDailyRewardDelegationDailyReward,DelegationMaxDailyDelegationDailyReward}f(x)=\begin{Bmatrix} DelegationMaxDaily,&DelegationMaxDaily<DelegationDailyReward \\ DelegationDailyReward,&DelegationMaxDaily\geq DelegationDailyReward \end{Bmatrix}